Improve Your Relationships

Be a Better You!

We understand that your relationships are important to you and want to help you improve them. Our ASPIRE therapists can assist with relational concerns that may occur at home, work, and school. Therapists can help to resolve a range of issues, from simple conflicts to more complex struggles with partners, family members, and children. ASPIRE therapists are skilled in helping clients in the following areas:

  • couple or marital conflict
  • parent-child relationship concerns
  • family disagreements and conflict
  • premarital counseling
  • divorce counseling and concerns
  • other relational issues
  • child and adolescent issues
    • school-related problems
    • relationship troubles
    • self-injury
    • peer pressure
    • substance use
  • family transitions and changes
    • step-families, blended families, adoptions
    • becoming a parent /the birth of a new child
    • loss of a family member
    • children moving or going to college
    • aging parents/caretaking

To clarify the scope of our services, there are also specific things that our therapy services do not cover. They include:

  • psychological evaluations and testing
  • developmental or disability testing for children & adolescents
  • custody evaluations
  • drug/alcohol treatment services
  • prescribing medication

​Let our therapists help you to improve your relationships and feel happier and more secure in them.

Premarital Counseling

The ASPIRE Clinic also offers premarital counseling to couples who are interested in exploring a variety of issues and strengthening their relationship before the big day. ASPIRE’s program typically involves 6 one-on-one sessions with a trained Prepare facilitator who coaches couples through important areas like communication, conflict resolution, personality issues, financial management, children & parenting, family & friends, expectations, and family-of-origin experiences. If  you are engaged to be married or considering marriage, consider participating in the Prepare program. For all sessions, workbook & materials, personalized Prepare assessments, and a notarized completion certificate, the cost is $250.00/couple. Completion of the Prepare program also qualifies couples for a $35 discount when applying for their Georgia marriage license. Submit the Prepare registration form on this page to to check on availability and to get the process started.

We recommend starting the premarital process 4-8 months before your wedding date!

More information can be found at Our Process and Fees.