Improve Your Legal Situation

Be a Better You!

When you are facing a legal issue, it can be confusing and overwhelming. ASPIRE legal problem solvers can assist clients through providing information and advice about legal concerns. Our providers typically engage in a process called “pre-lawyering,” a way to access preliminary information and guidance on legal problems, perhaps even before hiring an attorney. We do not take cases to court and cannot act as your legal representative, but our providers can help you understand your rights and negotiate for you to reach solutions.

Our legal problem solvers, like all of our ASPIRE providers, are in-training. Due to current law, our student providers must consult with their supervisor before providing you concrete advice and guidance. Depending on the complexity of the legal situation, this process can take several weeks. Thus, it is best to schedule an appointment as soon as possible if you have a pending court date or other time-sensitive concerns. We want to provide timely service and advice, but must also comply with professional guidelines and laws.

Our legal problem solvers may be able to help with the following:

  • clarifying your legal rights and options
  • suggestions regarding hiring an attorney
  • explaining legal forms and documents
    • we do not draft or complete forms/paperwork for clients (e.g. wills, briefs, applications, letters)
  • clarifying legal issues related to:
    • housing or renting
    • contracts
    • employment
    • benefits
    • children and families
    • debt
    • citizenship
    • relationships
    • custody and child support
    • individual rights

Let our legal problem solvers help you to resolve your concerns and get you moving forward.

More information can be found at Our Process and Fees.