Our Process & Fees


Our initial consultation process serves as the first step to receiving ASPIRE Clinic services and is offered at no cost to clients. Since there are several different services available at ASPIRE and clients are granted access to any and all services, initial consultations are conducted each time a client begins a new service within the clinic.

The initial consultation process:
1) helps us gather more important information regarding your situation
2) helps clients to determine if the ASPIRE Clinic is the best fit for them & their needs
3) is an opportunity for clients to ask pertinent questions about services

Clients are able to set up an initial consultation via telephone with one of our ASPIRE Clinic interns at 706-542-4486. When you schedule, you will receive further information regarding the appointment, our initial paperwork, the clinic’s location, parking, and payment. This helpful information is also available here on our website.

Wait List:
At times, the ASPIRE Clinic is unable to accommodate new clients immediately. We want to serve all new clients as soon as possible, but we also understand that your needs may be pressing. When we are not accepting new clients for services, you will be offered a spot on our waiting list and told an approximate wait time for a consultation appointment. If the wait list is closed, we can offer alternative resources that may be able to accommodate your services request more quickly.

Transition Times (between spring, summer, and fall semesters):
Please note that the ASPIRE Clinic goes through transitional periods, especially during the beginning and end of each UGA semester. During these times, the ASPIRE Clinic will offer to put your information on our waiting list for services. When there is availability again, you will be called to schedule an initial consultation appointment. The ASPIRE Clinic does its best to respond to the needs of all current and potential clients. Your concerns are a priority, so we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding when we cannot immediately accommodate.

Some preliminary paperwork is required as a client of the ASPIRE Clinic. New client information is collected through an anonymous survey link & must be completed before your scheduled appointment. This link can be sent to you conveniently via email, if approved by you. If you do not have computer access, or do not complete the forms beforehand, the ASPIRE Clinic will provide you with paperwork at the initial consultation. Paperwork may take up to 45 minutes to complete, so you must arrive early for your initial appointment if paperwork has not been completed prior to.

If you have concerns or questions with paperwork, please contact the ASPIRE Clinic at 706-542-4486.


Fees are based on the type of service that you are seeking. Currently, financial, nutrition, and legal problem solving services are offered at no cost. Individual, couple, and family therapy services are offered on a sliding fee scale. The ASPIRE Clinic determines your cost for these services by assessing your annual income and number of dependent family members. Fees range from $15 - $65 per session.

As an ASPIRE ally, client, friend, or supporter, you are welcome to help fund our clinic and its operations through providing a donation. Donations help the ASPIRE Clinic to grow, expand, and continue offering our services to those who need them. Every little bit helps. Click the Donate Now! button to give.

To find out more about our payment policies, please visit our Clinic Policies page.