Frequently Asked Questions

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ASPIRE Clinic wants to help you improve your well-being and feelings of satisfaction through assisting with the problems you are currently experiencing, but we also want to examine how these problems may be impacting other areas of your life. We focus on clients’ mind, body, spirit, and relationships. The ASPIRE Clinic also has the unique ability to often combine services in a collaborative way that can help solve problems more effectively and efficiently. For instance, if you are experiencing issues with both finances and your relationship, as an ASPIRE client, you have the option to meet with a financial service provider and a therapist at the same time. If you are having trouble eating healthily on your current budget, you have the option to meet with both a financial and nutrition service provider. Many other options for combining services exist - your service provider can make helpful suggestions and recommendations based on your personal goals and needs.

Yes, ASPIRE Clinic services are confidential. Our clinic follows strict confidentiality rules, similar to other clinics and hospital settings. With a few exceptions where confidentiality is not guaranteed by law, the ASPIRE Clinic will never release any of your information without your written consent. Your privacy is of the utmost concern.

To make an initial appointment for any of our services, please contact the ASPIRE Clinic at 706-542-4486 and speak to one of our ASPIRE interns about your interest.

Some ASPIRE services are offered at no cost, including nutrition, financial, and legal problem solving services. Others are paid services. If you are seeking individual, couple, or family therapy services, your fee will be based on your annual income and number of dependent family members according to our sliding-fee scale.

More information is at our Our Process and Fees page.

The ASPIRE Clinic is a training facility and does not accept or bill insurance for services. Some benefits to not billing can include more client anonymity and more flexibility of service (e.g., no session limitations). More information can be found on our Clinic Policies page.

No. The ASPIRE Clinic requires payment by cash or personal check. We do not accept credit or debit cards.

Yes! We encourage clients to access the services they feel may help them on their path to increased happiness and well-being. Just inform your current service provider of your interest in receiving additional ASPIRE services and call the clinic at 706-542-4486 to set up an appointment in your desired service area.

We do not have session limits at the ASPIRE Clinic. Clients are welcome to attend sessions for as long as needed, as determined by the service provider and client together.

No, the ASPIRE Clinic accepts clients from UGA, Athens, and its surrounding communities. Clients are not required to be working at or attending UGA to receive services.