Clinic Policies

It is helpful as an ASPIRE Clinic client to know what to expect. Being familiar with our clinic’s policies and procedures will help you to understand our processes and expectations, providing you a better client experience.


The ASPIRE Clinic is a training facility, which requires that our providers be supervised. All student service providers are overseen by licensed, qualified professionals and supervisors. The training environment allows students the opportunity to consult with and be supported by colleagues and supervisors in a way that benefits our clients through ensuring current practice standards and quality services. Training clinics involve the same privacy and confidentiality standards as other clinical environments. The information you provide to the ASPIRE Clinic is confidential. For training requirements, service providers are often observed or recorded during their work. Thus, supervision may come in the form of a live observation or a session recording.


Training clinics involve the same privacy and confidentiality standards as other clinical environments. The information you provide to the ASPIRE Clinic is confidential, with very few exceptions as required by law. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to paperwork, assessments, research-related materials, and digital recordings. By the Rules and Regulations of the State of Georgia, your confidentiality does not apply when there is clear and imminent danger to you or others, in which case your service provider may take reasonable steps to protect those at risk including, but not limited to, warning any identified persons and informing the responsible authorities. Included in these limitations of confidentiality are reports of child or elder abuse or neglect and threats to harm oneself or another person. If case records are subpoenaed by a judge in a court proceeding, this is also a specific limitation. In any other situation, the ASPIRE Clinic requires your written consent to release any information to outside professionals or parties. Should any of these situations occur, your service provider may inform you of their responsibilities and actions.

Emergency Policy

The ASPIRE Clinic is not equipped as an emergency resource center and we do not have after-hours or on-call services available. Limits to your confidentiality may apply in emergency situations. At your initial session, we will provide you with emergency contact information, including telephone numbers that can be used in case of emergency. If the emergency is non-life threatening and during normal business hours, please call the clinic and we will contact your service provider. If your service provider is unavailable or unable to meet same-day, we will provide you with additional options for assistance. This may include crisis and hospital referrals.

Payment/Fees for Service

Your fees are based on the type of service that you are seeking. Currently, financial, nutrition, and legal problem solving services are offered at no cost.

Fees are based on the type of service that you are seeking. Currently, financial, nutrition, and legal problem solving services are offered at no cost. Individual, couple, and family therapy services are offered on a sliding fee scale. The ASPIRE Clinic determines your cost for these services by assessing your annual income and number of dependent family members. If you are looking for a fee quote for services, please contact the ASPIRE Clinic directly.

The ASPIRE Clinic requires that clients pay per session. Fees will be collected at each session and you will be given a receipt to represent the services transaction. It is important to know that the clinic only accepts cash or check for payment of fees. We do not take debit/credit cards, and as a training facility, we cannot accept or bill insurance for services. The ASPIRE Clinic also cannot offer you change, so if you plan to pay in cash over the fee amount, you will not receive change. This overpayment will act as a credit to pay towards your next session. It is the ASPIRE Clinic’s policy to no longer accept payment by check if a check bounces upon deposit. If you were still to require services from ASPIRE, you will be notified that fees must then be paid with cash only.

If a balance accrues on your account or you have discontinued services with an outstanding balance, you will be notified by official letter and required to send payment to the ASPIRE Clinic.

Cancellation Fees & Late Policy

We encourage clients to attend sessions regularly, as this may help you to reach your goals more quickly. It is ASPIRE Clinic’s policy to reschedule your appointment if you arrive more than 15 minutes late for any appointment without notifying the ASPIRE Clinic. We want clients to have sufficient time to work with their service providers and we may not be able to accommodate late arrivals. If this is the case, we will work to reschedule with you when you arrive.

We also believe that our time with clients is valuable, so if canceling a scheduled appointment becomes necessary, clients must notify the ASPIRE Clinic at least 24 hours in advance. Clients who do not notify us or who cancel appointments same-day will be charged a fee of $10.00. The late fee will be added to your next appointment charge. If clients consistently cancel or miss appointments for services offered at no cost, we cannot guarantee that services will continue to be readily available.

Email Contact

Email contact is available during normal business hours. Clients who choose to contact ASPIRE via email are required to sign consent for participation in email communication. 

Clients may not use email when contacting the clinic or your service provider in the event of an emergency, as the ASPIRE Clinic cannot guarantee a rapid, attentive response via email.

Email is not a guaranteed or fully secure way of sending and receiving information, thus clients cannot hold the University of Georgia, the ASPIRE Clinic, or your service provider responsible for any breach of confidentiality that results from the use of the email system or the contact us portion of our website.

If you have a concern that is time-sensitive or urgent, you should always contact the clinic via phone any time during normal business hours.