Acquiring Strategies for Personal Improvement and Relationship Enhancement

The ASPIRE Clinic, a collaborative unit of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Georgia, is a unique resource that provides holistic counseling and education services to UGA and the Athens community.

At the ASPIRE Clinic, we believe that problems don’t exist in isolation. When there is a struggle in one area of our lives, other things are likely impacted too. We offer an array of services including individual, couple, and family therapy, financial counseling and educationnutrition counseling and education, and also legal problem solving services. All of our collaborative services can help you feel a greater sense of wholeness and happiness. Our ASPIRE service providers are professionals-in-training from the College of Family & Consumer Sciences and the Law School at the University of Georgia. Service providers work with each individual, couple, or family in a responsive manner, while focusing on their strengths, attending to the problems they are experiencing, and assisting them in finding solutions that improve life satisfaction and relationships.

Please note that ASPIRE is a training clinic, which requires that our student providers be supervised. All service providers are overseen by UGA faculty supervisors who are licensed and qualified to supervise the work of students-in-training. The training environment allows students the opportunity to consult with and be supported by colleagues and supervisors in a way that benefits our clients through ensuring current practice standards and quality services. Please read more about these and other clinic policies.

Let the ASPIRE Clinic assist you in creating a Life in Balance

Our Mission

ASPIRE Clinic integrates interdisciplinary research, teaching, and service to help individuals, couples, and families to lead fulfilling and healthy lives.

The ASPIRE Clinic’s mission is to conduct rigorous, interdisciplinary, and holistic research that can produce new and innovative clinical and professional practices, to teach our service providers the value of interdisciplinary work and guide them in their respective fields through quality supervision and teaching efforts, and to effectively serve the University of Georgia and Athens community by assisting individuals, couples, and families in improving their lives in a holistic way.

Our History

The ASPIRE Clinic, established in 2008, is an exciting and innovative interdisciplinary clinic at the University of Georgia and a unit of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences. ASPIRE Clinic was created by a collaborative group of Family & Consumer Sciences faculty. Their vision was to create a unique clinical environment that could examine problems in a more holistic way in order to serve clients most effectively. The ASPIRE Clinic continues to serve those seeking improved well-being and health, both at the University of Georgia and in the Athens, Georgia community.

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