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If you are struggling with an individual concern, a past experience, or simply want to be a better, happier “you,” our ASPIRE Clinic therapists are here to help. ASPIRE therapists are able and qualified to treat a variety of issues, from mental health concerns to individual and relational issues. Therapists are skilled in helping clients cope with common concerns like:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • personal stress and stress management
  • life changes and transitions
  • feeling more confident and empowered
  • work/school-related issues
  • interpersonal and relational conflicts
  • grief and loss
  • self-esteem and self-improvement
  • sexual issues
  • disordered eating/food issues
  • current or past abuse/violence
  • substance use and abuse struggles
  • other life stressors

To clarify the scope of our services, there are also specific things that our therapy services do not cover. They include:

  • psychological evaluations and testing
  • developmental or disability testing for children & adolescents
  • custody evaluations
  • drug/alcohol treatment services
  • prescribing medication

Let our therapists help you work through your personal concerns and find peace and balance.

More information can be found at Our Process and Fees.

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