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Having a healthy diet, eating nutritious foods, and participating in physical activity are a vital part of well-being and feeling satisfied. Our ASPIRE nutrition service providers are available to help you and your family begin eating better and to live healthier lives. We can help you with many nutritional and health concerns like:

  • “how am I doing?” nutritional check-in
  • reading and interpreting food labels
  • creating meal plans…for one, two, or ten!
  • meal preparation ideas and strategies
  • learning about healthy foods
  • benefits of eating well
  • eating nutritiously on a smaller budget
  • food assistance programs
  • over/under eating concerns
  • food & family
  • maintaining or losing weight
  • improving general health through nutritious eating

To clarify the scope of our services, there are things that our nutrition service providers are unable to assist with. These include:

  • specific medical-based nutrition advice

ASPIRE service providers-in-training are unable to give diet and nutrition advice regarding specific medical conditions. Please contact a licensed dietician or a medical professional.

More information can be found at Our Process and Fees.

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