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Becoming an Intern

We are currently accepting applications for Spring 2019 - deadline for application is September 15th, 2018

The ASPIRE Clinic offers internship opportunities to University of Georgia undergraduate students who are interested in future careers in the helping field, particularly marriage and family therapy, financial planning/financial therapy, and other collaborative disciplines. Applications can be submitted through the Intern Applicant Information Sheet. To check the status and receipt of an application, please email

Please contact the ASPIRE Clinic Coordinator, Megan Ford, at if you have additional questions.

Becoming a Service Provider

The ASPIRE Clinic undergraduate internship program is different than being involved as a student service provider and working one-on-one with ASPIRE clients. If you're interested in helping those in our community, gaining a unique educational experience, and are a student of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences or the UGA Law School, please contact us at! New service providers begin work at ASPIRE at the start of every semester.
(*Note: Services are only provided by FACS graduate students, with the exception of undergraduate financial planning students)


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply through the UGA Career Center's Handshake application or by sending the ASPIRE Intern Application on this page, along with a resume and cover letter, to We hire interns for Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters each year, but we tend to hire for each semester very early, so we advise that you plan ahead for the experience.

Application Deadlines:

For Spring 2018 - September 25th, 2017

Students from different backgrounds and programs at the University of Georgia are welcome to apply! You must be at least in your 2nd year of college and have a 3.0 GPA. An interest in clinical settings and future careers in the therapy, financial planning, or counseling fields can be beneficial.

Yes, but taking a class is not required for participation.

If you are a Human Development & Family Science  major or minor (College of Family & Consumer Sciences), you may choose to receive class credit through the official internship course, HDFS 5910 (HDFS 5900: Pre-internship course is a prerequisite).

HDFS 5910 - Fall/Spring:

  • 6 credit hours= 16 hours/week
  • 9 credit hours= 24 hours/week

HDFS 5910 - Summer:

  • 6 credit hours= 22 hours/week
  • 9 credit hours= 33 hours/week

You can also choose to volunteer if no academic credit is needed, but we do require that you are a current UGA student.

No, but the benefits you receive from interning here are abundant! You are invited to participate in practicum with graduate students, learn more about holistic therapy and counseling practices, and acquire new skills that you can use in your future.

Practicum is an opportunity for you to join with graduate students in Marriage & Family Therapy or Financial Planning and their supervisors to discuss cases and observe their work. At times, you may be invited to share your own thoughts and participate to enahnce your learning further. There is also the opportunity to observe cases outside of practicum. You will be exposed to different techniques, theories, and skills utilized in sessions, as well as to the unique holistic work of the ASPIRE Clinic.

The internship officially lasts for one semester. However, the ASPIRE Clinic often offers successful interns positions for several semesters, thus being available to intern at the clinic beyond one semester is preferred.

It can vary. Depending on your availability and your credit requirements, you may be expected to devote 9-24 hours to the internship.

*Note: If taking for HDFS course credit, it is required to work about 12-24 hours a week, plus the 3 hours practicum experience. It is best to limit class loads during the internship semester to help with scheduling.

Yes, definitely. You will gain experience that many students won’t have access to until enrolled in Master’s level programs.
The ASPIRE internship also offers many networks and professional connections. You will be working alongside students and supervisors from numerous fields, including Marriage & Family Therapy, Nutrition, Financial Planning, Law, and Home Environment & Interiors. What a unique experience to talk about in interviews and on professional resumes!

As an intern, you help with the daily running and upkeep of the ASPIRE Clinic. You may be responsible for administrative tasks, answering phones, making appointments, communicating with clients, filing & organizational tasks, supporting the staff at ASPIRE, and much more.

ASPIRE interns will learn about a wide variety of things, but most report that they've improved most in the areas of communication, interdisciplinary learning, and administrative and clinical skills.

Please contact Megan Ford, the ASPIRE Clinic Coordinator, at or 706-542-6795.